Open Science in practice | A series of portraits of the NWO Open Science Fund Projects

31 October 2022

During the Open Access Week The NWO highlights five project teams of the 26 NWO Open Science Fund-projecten. Each day’s portrait, in which we will hear from them how their project contributes to the Open Science culture change -often in a very practical way- and how the NWO Open Science Fund has helped them achieve these goals.

The NWO Open Science Fund aims to support researchers to develop, test and implement innovative ways of making research open, accessible, transparent and reusable, covering the whole range of Open Science. With this instrument, NWO takes a step forward towards changing the way academics are recognised and rewarded in the Netherlands.

This series of portraits is a NOW/ NPOS (Nationaal Programma Open Science) co-production.

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Monday 24-10 – FAIR-Battery Knowledgebase
Tuesday 25- 10 – Q2O – Closing the gap between questionable and open research practices using a metacognitive tool
Wednesday 26-10 – WikipediaCitations – A FAIR dataset of Wikipedia’s citations to its sources
Thursday 27-10 – OSER – Open Science Escape Room
Friday 28 -10 – Journal Observatory – Toward integrated information about the openness of scholarly journals

Foto BY Pim Rusch

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