Open Science Festival 2018: ‘how to make your research open?’

19 September 2018

On 18 October, the Open Science Festival 2018 will take place at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This year the festival’s theme is ‘how to make your research open?’. The event takes place from 13:00 to 18:00.

There is a lot happening around open science at the moment. More and more research funding bodies are requiring that the results of research be published open access (cOAlition S) and that research data be managed according to FAIR principles. Knowledge and data are being shared at an earlier stage in the research process, giving rise to new forms of publication. Universities and publishers are conducting negotiations and seeking new models for distribution. At the same time, fake journals are trying to turn the situation to their (monetary) advantage.

The majority of researchers endorse the idea of a world in which the research process is more transparent and research results are made available to all. But how do you achieve this with your own research? This Open Science Festival will provide new insights and, more importantly, practical tools you can use to make your research more open.

Marion Wittenberg and Elly Dijk of DANS will be present at the Open Science Café.

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