Open Science FAIR just around the corner

12 September 2019

The Open Science FAIR will start in Porto on Monday 16 September. The second edition of the international Open Science FAIR will take place until Wednesday 18 September.

The program of this conference contains a large variety of aspects regarding Open Science. From e-infrastructures and services to “best practices” and research workflows. The theme is: “Synergies for Sustainable, Open & Responsible Research”.

Several DANS employees are present at the Open Science FAIR. Various sessions can be attended in which DANS is involved:

  • Services to support FAIR data: formulating recommendations for EOSC – Maaike de Jong (DANS and Freya), Mustapha Mokrane (DANS and FAIRsFAIR) and René van Horik (DANS and EOSC hub) collaborate with colleagues from RDA and OpenAIRE.
  • Workshop Making EOSC Training more FAIR – Ellen Leenarts (DANS) and René van Horik (DANS) organize a workshop together with colleagues from LIBER on improving training within the European Open Science Cloud.
  • Overview of the RDA – Ingrid Dillo (DANS and RDA) will provide an overview on the mission and vision of the RDA as an introduction to a workshop on the RDA.

Additional information

You can find more information about the workshop Services to support FAIR data here. A full description of the contents of the Making EOSC Training more FAIR workshop can be found here. More information on the opening talk of Ingrid Dillo and the corresponding workshop can be found here.

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