Online Open Science course available on CWTS platform

29 March 2023

Want to learn what research councils know and learn about Open Science? Check out their seminar platform, which now is openly available online.

Over the course of 2022, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) organised a seminar series on Open Science, together with the research councils of the Netherlands (NWO) and Norway (RCN). The course addresses 

  • Five schools of Open Science
  • Open scholarly communication
  • Open data, software and infrastructures
  • Recognition & rewards, and responsible research assessment

The recordings of the seminar presentations are now available online, together with additional content that may be relevant to each topic. In the spirit of openness, the three organisers decided that such a knowledge platform should be openly available to everyone, and the final product should allow room for continuous expansion.

Click here to go the seminar series.

As one of the Open Science champions, Marjan Grootveld (Research Data team leader at DANS) contributed to the open data section. She argues that openness is based on trust, which in turn is provided by data stewards as well as trustworthy repositories.

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Marjan Grootveld Ph.D.

Research Data Expert Team Leader