NWO: call for proposals for replication studies, focus on humanities

21 March 2019

NWO has allowed 1 million euro of its budget to go to replication studies, of previous research. The previous two series of replication studies in 2017 and 2018 aimed at health and social sciences. This time, the replication research is focused at humanities.

The pilot program Replication studies aims at two kinds of research: reproduction (a replication study with existing data: which takes the datasets from original studies and reanalyses them) and replication (a replication study with new data: which aims at collecting new data, which will be studied through the researchprotocol of the original study).

By performing these replication studies, the NWO aspires to stimulate transparency of research and add to the quality and integrity of the reports and results.

Additional information

NWO, in cooperation with ZonMw, opens the call for proposals at the end of March. Proposals must be entered before June 6 of 2019. Read the entire call on the website of NWO.

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