New OpenAIRE blog series on RDM support

26 June 2020

Ellen Leenarts (DANS) recently published a blog about the blog series of OpenAIRE. Main elements of this are the NOADs who share their experiences about starting Research Data Management support for institutes, such as universities and universities of applied sciences.

The entire blog can be found on the OpenAIRE website and, in addition to lessons, also contains an overview of practical examples and references with regard to setting up RDM support in research institutes.

A NOAD is a National Open Access Desk, which offers support in the field of Research Data Management and Open Science.

Additional information

You can read the blog series on the OpenAIRE website. Do you want to know more on RDM support or the role of DANS in OpenAIRE, please contact Ellen Leenarts.

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