New open standard for qualitative data launched

22 August 2019

The REFI-QDA Project has created an exchange standard that has recently been implemented in various QDAS programs. The standard provides an output file format (.qdpx) that enables sustainable and interchangeable archiving of projects.

There are various computer programs for the analysis of qualitative data, such as ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA and NVivo. These QDAS (Qualitative Data Analysis Software) programs use their own file formats to, for example, store applied codes and make analysis possible. This makes it difficult to exchange files and their analyses between different programs. The sustainability of the files is also not optimal. If such a program changes or disappears completely in the future, the files will no longer be usable.

Previously, the REFI-QDA Codebook (.qdc) was implemented as standard. Various developers of QDAS were involved in drawing up this exchange standard; on the group’s website you can find an updated overview of which packages have implemented what. DANS considers the output file format (.qdpx and .qdpc) as a “preferred format” for long-term access to projects and codebooks created in QDAS.

Additional information

You can find more information on the new REFI-QDA standard on the website of QDA-software. Do you want to know more on REFI-QDA as a preferred format? Visit the DANS-webpage on REFI-QDA.

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