New in EASY: Tell Ibrahim Awad & Hierankopolis

2 August 2018

In addition to datasets of archaeological excavations in the Netherlands, a dataset of excavations from abroad has now been published. This dataset contains the primary data of two excavation projects in Egypt.

The dataset contains a large number of photographs and field drawings of the longterm excavations in Tell Ibrahim Awad. The Tell Ibrahim Awad is located near the village Umm Agram in a remote corner of the Eastern Nile Delta. During the excavation a settlement was discovered with a cemetery and a temple from the period 3200-2000 BC.

The dataset also contains a collection of all publications produced by the excavation, including a zöoarchaeological report and the thesis of Wilhelmus M. Van Haarlem, the research leader.

Furthermore, a report was added to this dataset of the excavations in Hierankopolis, much more to the south in Egypt, where a large number of graves have been discovered.

More information

For more information about the dataset, go to EASY.

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