New EHRI blog: “The learning curve in sharing data with the EHRI project”

19 June 2018

Today a new entry has appeared on the blog of the EHRI website: “The learning curve in sharing data with the EHRI project: the example of a memorial site, Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen”.
New EHRI blog appeared: “The learning curve in sharing data with the EHRI project”

Based on a photograph of Holocaust victim Rosine Régine Lewkowicz, this blog post shows how Kazerne Dossin collaborated with EHRI to produce standardized descriptions of archival collections.

In collaboration with EHRI, DANS has led work package 10, in which the tools have been developed that are discussed in the blog. The blog discusses sharing metadata of holocaust collections from the point of view of the museum: from adjusting internal work processes, implementing tools for metadata validation and harvesting (developed by, among others, DANS and using ResourceSync technology) to assign unique identifiers.

More information

You can read the blogpost here. You can find more information about EHRI’s integration of metadata here. If you have questions about the tasks of DANS, please visit out projectpage or contact Ellen Leenarts.

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