30 January 2020

Two years ago, NARCIS started adding ORCID iDs to NARCIS. Now, nearly 13,000 researchers in NARCIS are currently provided with an ORCID iD!

DANS expects the number of researchers with ORCID iDs in NARCIS to increase rapidly in the coming period, partly because initiatives are being taken at many Dutch universities and research institutions to provide researchers with an ORCID iD and to use it for the exchange of metadata.

NARCIS currently links these 13,000 ORCID iDs to more than 33,000 research projects, 5,200 datasets and 144,000 publications. This allows publication lists of researchers to be made more complete, and the ORCID iD plays an important link in the delivery of metadata to portals such as OpenAIRE. Within NARCIS, the ORCID iD is an important link to align scientific information with each other. NARCIS also looks at relationships that are established within itself and enriches NARCIS with this.

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