Mundaneum-video about visualizing knowledge

7 May 2015

The Mundaneum recently interviewed professor Katy Borner, visiting fellow of DANS, about her latest book ‘Atlas of Knowledge’. Together with Katy Borner Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst and Dr. Almila Akdag discuss what visuals can do for the understanding of science.

The Mundaneum is a museum and archive, also known as the Internet of paper. It has a collection of six kilometers of paper. It contains significant collections such as the International Press Museum. The Mundaneum is often described as the precursor to Google and the electronic lookup. Katy Börner and Andrea Scharnhorst are both scientific advisors for the Mundaneum exhibition Mapping Knowledge, understanding of the world through data. Almila Akdag works at the eHumanities of the KNAW.

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Watch the video on YouTube or visit the Mundaneum website.

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