KDP grant awarded to 10 new projects

16 December 2019

DANS has recently awarded grants to ten Small Data Projects (KDPs) from various disciplines: from the history of Dutch film culture to soil research in Twente.

Since 2006, DANS has issued grants to Small Data Projects, i.e. projects in which one or more important datasets are described and made accessible. The data must comply with the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management. The Small Data Project grants intend to serve as a stimulus for data archiving and re-use. We encourage domains and subdomains to apply where data archiving and reuse are still a novelty.

The following projects have been awarded the grant:

  • Ranking cities around the North Sea (TU Delft) – Historical geography / social geography
  • Ten years profile soil moisture and temperature measurements in Twente (University of Twente) – Hydrology / pedology
  • Placing the first islanders on the world map (University of Amsterdam) – Biogeography/ archaeology
  • Cinema Context LOUD: the history of Dutch film culture available as Linked Open Usable Data (University of Amsterdam) – Media studies / socio-economic history
  • International Microdata for Reproductive studies: promoting and facilitating the use of forgotten and underused fertility and family planning surveys (NIDI / KNAW) – Demography
  • Data Atlas van Byzantijnse en Osmaanse materiële cultuur (Leiden University) – Archaeology
  • Comportement books of the Maritime school in Amsterdam (Radboud University) – Demographic history
  • Voices of the people: charting Italian readers’ letters (Leiden University) – Literature sciences / digital humanities
  • The Dutch Banking Landscape, 1840-1940 (Utrecht Universiteit) – Economic history
  • Tracing the potter’s wheel in the past: an online tool for archaeologists (Universiteit of Amsterdam) – Archaeology

Are you from a domain in which few data are being achieved and re-used so far and interested in archiving and sharing your research data? Would you like to know more about the Small Data Projects? Please visit our webpage

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We will publish new information concerning the next round on our webpage in the middle of 2020. 

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