K-PLEX is now officially funded!

23 August 2016

DANS is happy to announce that Project K-PLEX, Knowledge Complexity will officially be funded under H2020.

The K-PLEX project defines and describes key aspects of data that are at risk of being left out of our knowledge creation processes in a system where large scale data aggregation is becoming ever more the gold standard. Its aim will be to explore and describe the points of resistance to the more widespread sharing of cultural heritage data. This deep engagement with the perspectives of traditional data professionals will result in an increased capacity for dealing with the resistance and the underlying issues inherent to the recent generations of cultural heritage data projects. It will also generate insight from the context of cultural heritage data, regarding issues such as ownership and identity, provenance, acceptance of reuse, etc.
K-PLEX will approach these questions via a humanities research perspective, but using social science research tools to look at both the humanistic and computer science approaches to the term ‘data’ and its many possible meanings and implications.

DANS will be leading the investigation into the manner in which data that are not digitised or shared become ‘hidden’ from potential users and aggregation systems as a key challenge to the knowledge creation capacity of big data approaches.

More information

In K-PLEX DANS cooperates with Trinity College Dublin, TILDE (Riga, Latvia) and the Freie Universität Berlin. Any inquiries regarding the project can be sent to .

DANS cooperates in a number of projects of both national and international level. Please see our projects’ page for more information.

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