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17 March 2022

During the SSHOC Final Conference, which takes place on 6 and 7 April, you will be challenged to participate in the online SSHOC’n Tell Challenge. You can register until 29 March.

In the SSHOC’n Tell Challenge, researchers, data professionals, trainers and citizen scientists are invited to try out the SSHOC tools and share their experiences.

There are a total of ten fun challenges on four different topics:

  1. SSH Open Marketplace
  2. Interoperability and Multilinguality
  3. SSH training
  4. Wild Card: Advance your own research

How to participate?

Joining the SSHOC’n Tell Challenge is very simple:

  • Review all the information on this page including the challenges
  • Apply to participate alone or with your team
  • Participate in the info session pre-challenge on the 30th of March
  • Join the challenge live from your home on 6 and 7 April
  • Win prizes! First prize: Joint publication with the mentor organisation + in-house SSHOC tool implementation + 1000€ Amazon gift voucher; Second prize: Joint publication with the mentor organisation + in-house training + 500€ Amazon gift voucher; Third prize: Joint publication with the mentor organisation + 500€ Amazon gift voucher

More information

All related information and additional details on how to participate can be found directly on the SSHOC’n Tell challenge platform. Read more about the SSHOC Final Conference here.

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Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Social Sciences