Inspiring national workshop research information in the Netherlands

12 September 2019

On 3 September 2019, DANS and the National Library (KB) organised an afternoon workshop on themes related to the exchange in the fields of research information and open science.

The workshop was intended for repository administrators and managers, open access staff at research institutions, and other stakeholders. In all, around 60 people from universities, higher professional education and other research institutions were present at the KB.

First, with presentations by the KB and DANS, the harvesting of scientific publications by DANS (for its scientific portal, NARCIS) and by KB’s E-depot. The E-depot stores open access scientific publications in a sustainable manner. This was followed by two presentations about NARCIS. The first one addressed recent NARCIS innovations including the important role played by the Persistent Identifiers developed in the European FREYA project. The second presentation concerned the development of NARCIS and its harvesting by OpenAIRE, which has resulted in all open access publications from Dutch scientific institutions being directly accessible in OpenAIRE.

Finally, two guest speakers, Just de Leeuwe (TU Delft Library & NOAD NL) and Arjan Schalken (VU University Amsterdam Library) gave presentations about the development of open access publications in the Netherlands.  Just de Leeuwe discussed the numbers of open access publications provided by the universities to the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Arjan Schalken spoke about the various challenges involved in achieving the government goal of 100% open access publications by 2020, the policy decisions to be taken, and the work processes required.

More information

The presentations can be found on the DANS website.

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