Gerard Coen (DANS) is the 6th ambassador of Software Heritage

13 July 2021

Software Heritage has announced Gerard Coen, Research Data Management Specialist at DANS, as 6th ambassador.

DANS has a long-standing interest in the relationship between and software and data, and has been a proud sponsor of Software Heritage since its inception. The long term goal of the Software Heritage initiative is to collect all publicly available software in source code form together with its development history, replicate it massively to ensure its preservation, and share it with everyone who needs it. On this foundation, a wealth of applications can be built, ranging from cultural heritage to industry and research.

Gerard Coen: “Open Science means recognising the value of contributions beyond just publishing, for example through research software engineering or academic entrepreneurship. Being an ambassador for Software Heritage allows me to help raise awareness for the important components of the system of science beyond just data and publications”.

More information

Read more on the Software Heritage website.

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