FREYA-event: PIDs in the context of EOSC

17 September 2019

On October 21st, FREYA is organizing a half-day event that will encourage a discussion about the use of PIDs in the context of the EOSC at the 14th RDA plenary session in Helsinki, through demos and tutorials.

From 23rd to 25th October 2019 the 14th RDA Plenary meeting will take place in Helsinki, Finland. FREYA will be present and will engage with the PID community. On October 21st FREYA will organise a half-day event, in which 3 main topics will encourage a discussion on the use of PIDs in the context of the EOSC:

  • Introduction to FREYA – the latest developments of the projects
  • Exploring the PID Graph – demonstrators, interactive tutorials and applications of the PID Graph, and its application in theEOSC
  • Sustaining the PID Ecosystem – discussion around sustainability of the PID landscape. Examples include the creation of a PID Forum and the PID Commons
FREYA is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme in which twelve partners are involved. The project aims to build the infrastructure for persistent identifiers (PIDs) as a core component of open science, in the EU and globally. DANS plays a crucial role in two important parts of FREYA: 1) integrating the PID Graph in the disciplinary context in its two own systems EASY and NARCIS and 2) the communication and engagement with the research community. Read more about this on our project webpage.

Additional information

Addititonal information is available on the webpage of the event.

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