First GDPR datatags results presented in workshop

5 September 2017

On Wednesday 30 August the workshop GDPR DataTags was held at DANS.

In this workshop the first results of the project ‘GDPR DataTags’ were presented and discussed. In this project a support system is being prototyped for tagging sensitive personal data according to the new European Privacy Regulation GDPR. The first outcome of the project is a decision tree enabling the assignment of datatags to datasets.

The aim of the project was to develop a prototype of a questionnaire tool to assess which level of protection a dataset requires if it contains information about persons. The core idea of the project was to analyse and identify the relevant articles of the GDPR and translate these into questions for the online questionnaire tool. The application DataTags, developed at Harvard University, was the original inspiration and starting point for this project. In the workshop some background information was provided about the project and the GDPR. The prototype of the tool was presented and discussed by a group of experts in the field.

This project has been carried out at DANS as part of the development of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure. DataTags could be used in the framework of EUDAT’s core CDI services, restricted to personal data in content that might be stored in EUDAT services.

More information

There is a test site where the questionnaire tool (beta version) may be explored. For more information, contact

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