FAIRsFAIR survey: share your experience with PID Graph notebooks

5 July 2021

FAIRsFAIR is interested to learn about implementation stories related to the PID Graph, In particular, the use of Jupyter notebooks. It is possible to share your feedback until 22 July.

The use of Jupyter notebooks, which were developed in the FREYA project, is of particular interest. The notebooks, which are available in this GitHub repository as well as on pidnotebooks.org, were created to extract information from the PID Graph based on 10 different use cases. FAIRsFAIR would like to gather feedback from the community on how the notebooks have been used and what kinds of use cases researchers would like to investigate.The short survey will be open until July 22nd. 

Contribution DANS

DANS is leading the FAIRsFAIR project and is involved in the collection of implementation stories related to the PID Graph. DANS was also a partner in the FREYA project during which the PID Graph Jupyter notebooks were originally developed.

More information

Read more on the FAIRsFAIR website. Please contact Ricarda Braukmann for any questions. 

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