FAIRsFAIR project organises webinar on the PID Graph

12 May 2021

On April 21, the FAIRsFAIR project organised the first of a series of webinars that aim to support repositories to make the data they manage more FAIR. The webinar, co-organised by DANS, was about persistent identifiers (PIDs) and methods to connect PIDs, the PID Graph.

In the first webinar, three speakers discussed the role of Persistent Identifiers in FAIR data and the possibilities offered by linking PIDs, such as the DataCite Commons, a web service developed to query relationships between authors, publications, datasets and other information sources on the basis of PIDs.

The PID Graph

Simon Lambert (STFC) kicked off the webinar with an introduction to Persistent Identifiers (PIDs). PIDs make it possible to refer to digital objects permanently and to request information automatically. PIDs are therefore an important building block for FAIR data.

Different PIDs (and corresponding information) can be linked to each other in PID Graphs. Within the FREYA project, in which DANS was also involved as a partner, DataCite has developed a service that makes it possible to search a PID Graph that contains a large number of objects. Martin Fenner (DataCite) spoke about this DataCite Common service, which makes information accessible by connecting PIDs such as DOIs from DataCite and Crossref as well as ORCIDs and RORs, which are PIDs for persons and organisations.

The PID Graph and the services are constantly under development. An example of this was presented by Robert Ulrich (re3data) in the last presentation of the webinar. He gave a preview of the integration of re3data, a repository search engine, and the DataCite Commons in the framework of the FAIRsFAIR project.

FAIRsFAIR recommendations

The webinar concluded with a number of recommendations drawn up earlier by the FAIRsFAIR project. For example, the use of PIDs for different digital objects and the linking of this information by repositories is strongly encouraged.

More information

Watch the webinar here. For more information on the webinar series, please visit the FAIRsFAIR website. Any other questions may be directed at Ricarda Braukmann


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