FAIR stewardship terminology and skills Workshop

27 May 2019

May 20th and 21st, Frans Huigen of DANS attended a workshop that took place at the CODATA headquarters in Paris. There he worked, together with experts in the field of Research Data Management (RDM), knowledge management, educational science, FAIR data, and data literacy, on the terminology of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) stewardship skills.

Which skills to research professionals need make and to keep their research data FAIR? To answer this question, specialists present built further upon knowledge material that has been created in EOSCpilot, a European project within the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). During this two-day workshop, we worked on collecting relevant terms and descriptions, sets of competences, skills and knowledge within the domain of RDM. This so-called terminology can be formalized, for example using a thesaurus or an ontology. To do so, we worked in small breakout groups atomizing the descriptions of the FAIR4S-framework (FAIR Stewardship Skills for Science and Scholarschip). We discussed semantics and relations between various concepts, to further simplify and concretize them. We did that to improve findability of the RDM training material and related knowledge.

In the coming months, the terminology will be further developed and enhanced, until we can come to a harmonized and consistent collection. Following these developments, we will organise a second workshop late 2019, in anticipation of which the organizers will spread documentation and a draft terminology.

Representatives of CODATA, DCC, DTL/ELIXIR-NL, FAIRsharing, and Royal Holloway, have jointly organized this first workshop. They brought together a number of experts in the field of knowledge management, educational science, research data management, FAIR data, and data literacy together. All work in different organizations and projects across Europe. Frans was there within the framework of EOSCpilot, and the DANS-coordinated project FAIRsFAIR.

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Our professional field is ever developing at lightning speed, which makes it crucial to document and improve our knowledge and skills constantly. That is what we are working on, and we are always trying to get even more experts involved.

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