FAIR data management in practice, the GGDC’s data as an example

17 October 2023

The Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) publishes their data through DataverseNL. One of their datasets, the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) has already been downloaded more than 110,000 times.

The World Input-Output Database provides insight into the international flow of goods and services within and between countries. This is an important resource for researchers interested in the changing nature of globalisation. The data are widely used in academic research projects, for policy analysis and in education, leading to a large audience for these datasets.

The GDCC uses DataverseNL to publish their data and make it available in this way. In an interview for the Open Science Blog of the University of Groningen, Robert Inklaar, director of the GGDC, discusses the benefits of using DataverseNL. “For a long time, we used the regular RUG website to host our data files, but this has serious drawbacks, especially vulnerability to website changes that break URLs and file size limitations. Moreover, there are no easy ways to track downloads and usage. DataverseNL covers all these bases, offers persistent DOI linking, provides access to large data files and lets us track downloads at the level of datasets or even individual files. And you can even link to individual data files from another website.”

DataverseNL is a data repository offered by DANS to universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes. DANS manages the technical infrastructure and the institutions using this service are themselves responsible for granting rights to user accounts, management and curation of the deposited research data within DataverseNL. Meanwhile, 20 institutions, including the University of Groningen, use this service.

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