FAIR-Aware for your Data Management Plan

22 February 2022

FAIR-Aware presents some useful guidance on how to make data FAIR. This can be especially useful in the planning phase when writing your Data Management Plan (DMP). FAIRsFAIR has published a guidance document that you can use to plan for FAIR data.

In the FAIRsFAIR project, one of the goals is to translate the FAIR Data Principles into practices. One way this is being done is by creating guidance documents with clear and practical tips on how to implement FAIR in your work. As an extension to the existing ‘Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management‘ and DMP evaluation rubric created by Science Europe, FAIRsFAIR has extracted useful guidance information from FAIR-Aware and added it to the rubric to help people focus on FAIR-explicit aspects of data management in the planning phase.


FAIR-Aware is an online self-assessment tool created by DANS in the FAIRsFAIR project, which helps researchers, data stewards, and other data professionals to evaluate the knowledge on the FAIR Data Principles they already have and learn more about the FAIR practises they may be unfamiliar with. It is recommended to use this tool before depositing data in a data repository. However, it can also be very useful to think about FAIR in the planning phase of the research process. This is why DMP-related information was extracted from FAIR-Aware and presented in the Science Europe DMP evaluation rubric. This guidance document does not replace, but rather complement the original rubric.

Science Europe has been consulted on and provided feedback to the FAIRsFAIR guidance document. The members of the Science Europe Working Group on Open Science and its preceding Working Group on Data Sharing and Supporting Infrastructures that first created the Practical Guide have evaluated and provided input to the document to align it with their guidance, rubric, and vision.

More information

You can find the FAIRsFAIR guidance document here. To do the full assessment, you can find the FAIR-Aware tool on its webpage, as well as on the Science Europe list of suggested external tools.

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Maaike Verburg M.Sc.

Research Data Management Specialist