European expert group advises in favour of RDA specifications

15 December 2017

The European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP), an expert advisory group of the European Commission in the field of ICT standardisation, has advised in favour of several technical specifications submitted by the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

Following the positive assessment by the MSP the specifications will be nominated for inclusion in the European Commission’s official ICT Technical Specifications in order to be used as EU-wide standards. The four technical specifications involved are; TS5 RDA Data Citation or Evolving Data; TS6 RDA Data Description Registry Interoperability Model; TS7 RDA CoreTrustSeal Data Repository Requirements; and TS8 RDA/WDS Workflows for Research Data Publishing Model. The positive recommendation means that, according to the MSP, the specifications meet criteria such as relevance, neutrality, stability, quality and availability.

Standardisation is very important for open science, because common standards facilitate (international) collaboration. The Research Data Alliance (RDA), from which the specifications originate, and of which DANS is a member, is itself an example of international collaboration. This positive assessment can rightly be seen as a step towards more open, worldwide science.

More information

See the website of the European Commission for more information about the European Multi Stakeholder Platform.

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