Establishing a curated collection of Horizon 2020 DMPs

9 February 2021

The news article was published on the OpenAIRE website by Gerda McNeill (University Vienna) as part of the Task Force Research Data Management (RDM). The Taskforce RDM is led by DANS.

The Austrian NOAD (National Open Access Desk) Gerda McNeill and other members of the OpenAIRE Taskforce RDM have collaboratively created a large collection of data management plans (DMPs). After curation, 841 DMPs were included from the in CORDIS published DMPs from the European Commission. Most of the data management plans are part of Horizon 2020 projects. The news article provides more information on the collection of DMPs.

Read more about the outputs of the Taskforce RDM here.

More information

Read about the Taskforce RDM on the OpenAIRE website. Please contact Ellen Leenarts for more information.

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