EOSCpilot & LIBER webinar ‘Skills and Training in Open Science and the EOSC ecosystem’

4 December 2018

In a rapidly changing digital world, libraries are regularly assessing and innovating their service offering to support researchers work. The webinar on December 14th aims to connect the LIBER community with the EOSCpilot project’s work on skills for stewardship in the EOSC context, through roundtable discussion with the LIBER working group on Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers.

The advance of Open Science in particular implies a reinvention of models, ways of working and techniques. This in turn opens a new series of skill gaps. Library staff and researchers need more training in order to be able to cope with a myriad of topics. This raises a number of questions related to careers, LIS and Research curricula and competencies.

The webinar will describe FAIR4S, a draft skills framework. The role of libraries in building research skills in an open science and data science context will be discussed, and the potential of the framework to help.

DANS is one of the 33 project partners in the EOSCpilot. It will contribute in particular to the development of Open Science quality standards and policies, the design of a skills framework for Open Science and to the communication with research communities in the humanities, social sciences, and related disciplines.

More information

For more information about the organizing parties, please visit the website of LIBER and EOSCpilot. Registration is possible online.

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