EOSC-synergy proposal accepted

9 April 2019

The EOSC-synergy proposal has been favorably evaluated and will start the last quarter of 2019. The project will be coordinated by IBERGRID, the Iberian scientific and technological cooperation framework signed by Spain and Portugal on distributed computing. DANS is a partner in the project and will provide knowledge and experts on policy development and FAIR data repositories.

EOSC-synergy will contribute to the European Open Science Cloud landscape by expanding and building the capabilities of EOSC. In practice this will mean more compute and storage available to researchers, and more datasets and tools to expand avenues of research.

In the upcoming 3 years, EOSC-synergy will be the H2020 instrument to promote the implementation and adoption of EOSC services by scientific users in the countries involved in the consortium (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the EGI Foundation).

The ultimate goal is to build EOSC as a coordinated effort, as an open environment for scientific data and related processing that promotes convergence of infrastructures and scientific thematic services provided at national or European level.

Additional information:

For more information visit the project website. For more background information visit the website of EOSC, or EOSC-portal.

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