Enabling Technologies Hotels 5th call

16 July 2019

ZonMw and NWO have made funds available for the 5th call for projects within the ZonMw programme Enabling Technologies Hotels. The goal of this call is to stimulate active collaboration between researchers with and without access to high-end technologies.

The Technology Hotel concept entails that researchers who do not have access to high-end technologies (the guests), can obtain access to these technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure via a service-oriented facility (the Hotel) with the ambition of realizing active follow-up collaboration.

The programme aims to;

  • Facilitate the dissemination of unique technological expertise in the Netherlands to other research groups/institutions/companies that have not worked with that technology before;
  • stimulate novel interactions among research groups and Technology Hotels and thereby contribute to the advancement of the used technology;
  • encourage the use of advanced life sciences technologies in public-private partnerships;
  • propagate the use of data stewardship and data integration principles, methods and standards in advanced life sciences research projects.
DANS is one of the many Technology Hotels within this programme and offers dedicated data management and data archiving facilities for your life science research. For more information on the DANS Technology Hotel services please see our Hotel Accommodation website or contact the DANS life sciences contactperson .


ZonMW stimulates health research and innovation in healthcare. DANS provides knowledge on datamanagement.

Additional information:

You can find the terms and requirements for this call here. The deadline for submission is at October 1stat 14.00 hr.

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