Dutch Data Prize nominations announced

21 September 2018

From 47 submissions, the professional jury nominated nine research projects for the Dutch Data Prize 2018.

The following entries have a chance of winning this year’s Data Prize.

Category of Humanities and Social Sciences

ETCBC database of the Hebrew Bible
De ‘Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Amstelodamensis’ (BHSA) is a dataset from the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC). The BHSA contains the full text of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). It is provided with very extensive, carefully produced linguistic annotations.

GDL Area Database
The GDL Area Database is an online database in which development indicators at a sub-national level are made available to researchers and policy makers worldwide. It currently contains 116 socio-economic, demographic, educational, labour market, gender and social-medical indicators for over 1,200 regions in more than 120 countries and is constantly being expanded.

Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands (PAN)
The PAN project was set up for the documentation and online presentation of private collections of archaeological finds, particularly metal finds. PAN data are available for scientific research and monument conservation, and for the general public to find and experience knowledge about their cultural heritage.

Category of Medical and Life Sciences

BBMRI-Omics is a data infrastructure for molecular omics data from thousands of participants in 29 Dutch biobanks. BBMRI-Omics is publicly accessible and enables researchers worldwide to discover new mechanisms and biomarkers of disease and health.

BLUEPRINT represents an EU-subsidised project to map data on the packaging of DNA (also known as epigenetics) in all types of blood cells. This concerns blood cells from both healthy individuals and people with various blood diseases such as leukaemia.

1000IBD contains prospectively collected phenotype data (including dietary patterns, medication response and disease activity), environmental factors and multiple layers of omics data from more than 1,000 Dutch patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis [inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)]. The dataset is constantly being enhanced by the inclusion of new patients and the collection of new patient data, both by physicians using electronic patient records and by patients themselves using an app.

Category of Exact and Technical Sciences

HANZE (Historical Analysis of Natural Hazards in Europe)
HANZE consists of two databases. One is a rasterized dataset of exposure to natural hazards for 37 European countries and territories from 1870 to 2020, with high-resolution information on land use, population, GDP and wealth. The second dataset contains information about the dates, locations and losses as a result of 1,564 harmful floods in Europe (1870-2016). HANZE enables indexing damage data by taking into account demographic and economic growth as well as price inflation.

AgroDataCube is a data service in which open data from various sources can be found and retrieved. Examples include plot data from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), remote sensing data from satellite portals, and the BOFEK dataset from Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The data are managed sustainably both at the sources and on WUR servers. They are stored with metadata and comply with applicable standards.

OpenINTEL Active DNS Measurements
The OpenINTEL project records the state of the internet Domain Name System (DNS) on a daily basis. DNS provides the crucial translation of human readable names into machine-readable information. By recording the DNS status, long-term developments on the internet can be monitored and online security improved. OpenINTEL currently collects data for 207 million domain names, which is more than 60% of all domains in the world.

More information

Around the award ceremony on 28 November, an interesting day will be organized by RDNL, LCRDM, UKB workgroup Research Data, NFU Data4LifeSciences and the National Platform Open Science for researchers and data stewards. Please sign up for this day via this webpage. More information about the program follows on this webpage.

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