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8 November 2018

More than 250 databases with data on public health and healthcare in the Netherlands are now available via NARCIS, the information portal of, and for, the Dutch research community. This new expansion of NARCIS is the result of a collaborative project between DANS and the RIVM and is part of the DANS program on life sciences.

In the Netherlands there are a large number of data collectors and source-holders of public health and healthcare data. To stimulate efficient (re-)use thereof, an overview such as in Care Data is required. ‘Zorggegevens’ is a project managed by RIVM, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. The metadatabase Zorggegevens provides an overview of who collects what data about public health and healthcare in the Netherlands and for what purpose it is collected. It also gives insights into who fund the data collection and what the data is used for. This database concerns Dutch healthcare sources, such as care registers, patient registries, surveys, monitors and long-term (cohort) studies. The data of these sources are available for reuse.

By making the metadatabase Zorggegevens accessible through NARCIS, the findability of the data is particularly enhanced. This is because NARCIS (National Academic Research and Collaboration Information System) functions as a central portal for Dutch research data from different disciplines and for different users, from researchers to policy staff. The data from NARCIS are accessible at different national, European and international levels via different networks. In NARCIS are the basal metadata of the Zorggevens listed, and from there is a direct link to the original and very extensive information pages from Zorggegevens. DANS is currently working on a project, together with the Nederlandse Biobanken, to make the Biobanks accessible through NARCIS in a similar way.

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