DARIAH and HaS featured as European Commission’s Success Stories

10 May 2019

Last month, the European Commission published a new success story of EU research featuring DARIAH and its project Humanities at Scale. The HaS-DARIAH project, which ran from 2015 to the end of 2017, built on preparatory work for supporting transnational researchers in all phases of their work: from data acquisition and analysis to publication and archiving.

“In HaS-DARIAH, we are supporting a state-of-the-art digital humanities research infrastructure by integrating national initiatives and scaling their work to a European level. This enables new kinds of transnational research and cooperation using digital means”, says Marco Raciti, Project Manager, DARIAH Coordination Office in Berlin.

Arts and humanities researchers can now benefit from an EU-funded European digital infrastructure that has boosted access to resources, toolkits and transnational collaboration.

In the last decade, European researchers and national funders, with EU support, have been preparing a Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities (DARIAH). 

DARIAH and the tools it offers are designed to meet the needs of arts and humanities researchers working across Europe. DANS is a partner in DARIAH project and has contributed to the project.

More information

Read the full article on the website of the European Commission. More information about DARIAH is available online.

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