DANS visits the Rijksmuseum

12 August 2019

Kick-off of a DANS advisory process at the Rijksmuseum in which DANS employees brainstormed with colleagues from the Rijksmuseum on the development of an infrastructure for managing the information flow from data acquisition to data publication for the medium and long term.

As part of a pilot project that DANS is carrying out for the Rijksmuseum, employees from DANS and the Research Services department came together to reflect on this issue. It concerns advice on the management and storage of the Rijksmuseum’s scientific research data, including the flow of information that starts with instruments that analyse art objects in different ways and generate significant amounts of digital data. This data must be processed and stored securely. Thereafter, the data must  be made available for further digital research. This might result in more data that the researcher must be able to deposit in a public data repository that uses the FAIR principles.

DANS is making an inventory of the possibilities for streamlining such an information chain. By means of a landscape study of both the scientific and the heritage sector at national and international level, DANS tries to gain insight into various infrastructures and possibilities.

More information

For more information, please contact Herbert Van de Sompel. Also have a look at the research page of the Rijksmuseum.

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