DANS sprint for FAIR Data

27 May 2019

Also a fan of the “Top 10 FAIR Data and Software Things”? The existing list has been expanded, and everyone can participate.

The “things” provide researchers and data librarians with useful and current references in specific areas. Mozilla Global sprint is organizing a short-term and international collaboration (a sprint) this week to expand the existing list.

DANS is also sprinting. The teams from, among others, the FAIRsFAIR & EOSC hub projects are getting ready to share their expertise and are working on “10 Steps toward the Linked Open Data Realm: “The “I” in FAIR in a Semantic Way” and “The Basics or EOSC and FAIR“.

More information

Would you like to join the sprint as well? Look for more information on the website of librarycarpentry and on Twitter, with the hashtags #mozsprint and #Top10fair

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