DANS joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

21 July 2017

DANS has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) this week, becoming its newest Associate member.

“DANS is a wonderful, world-leading organisation, well known to many in the digital preservation community. Their list of achievements and history of innovation is daunting, but even more important has been the openness and generosity which characterizes their approach. They have been at the forefront of some very important initiatives over the years, like the Data Seal of Approval (DSA), the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the 4C Project,” says Executive Director of the DPC William Kilbride. “DANS was a key partner in the development of the Curation Costs Exchange, work which we will sustain and progress as we continue to collaborate on our shared challenge of digital preservation.”

Underpinning and continuously improving its services through research on sustainable access to digital research resources, DANS was a member of the 4C Project (Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation) and was part of the team which developed the Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx). Launched in 2014, the CCEx is a community owned platform which helps organisations of any kind assess the costs of curation practices through comparison and analysis. Allowing the CCEx aims to provide real information about costs to help make more informed investments in digital curation.

“We look forward to work alongside the DPC in support of our own digital preservation mission,” explains Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director of DANS. “And as one of the key partners in the development of the Curation Costs Exchange, we are delighted that our membership will support the ongoing sustainability of this important tool.”

About DPC

The DPC helps members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, helping them to derive enduring value from digital collections. The coalition also raises awareness of the attendant strategic, cultural and technological challenges and supports members through advocacy, workforce development, capacity-building and partnership. dpconline.org

More information

Please find more information on the DPC-website or contact of Ingrid Dillo

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