DANS increases options for open access

16 December 2019

From January onwards, DANS will increase the open access options for depositing data in EASY.

Both government and science place increasing emphasis on the importance of open access to databases funded by public funds. Like many other data repositories, DANS uses the standard CC0 Waiver of Creative Commons. In addition, in the coming year it will also be possible to deposit data under the various CC BY licenses. Logging in, when downloading, is in that case not necessary.

Based on the idea “Open if possible, protected if necessary”, DANS advises researchers to use one of the two best open access options, namely: CC0 and CC BY.

  • CC0 completely abolishes the legal and technical barriers to the reuse of data because the depositor waives all possible rights based on the data set.
  • CC BY requires name mentioning and allows users to freely distribute the entire content of the dataset.

Additional information

More information about Creative Commons is available online.

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