DANS-er Andrea appointed as Associate fellow at the IKOS

5 August 2022

DANS and IKOS continue their collaboration in various forms. Andrea Scharnhorst from DANS is appointed as Associate fellow at the Institute for Knowledge Organization and Structure (IKOS). 

The Institute for Knowledge Organization and Structure is a private, not-for-profit, scientific research institute. The goal of the institute is to promote and conduct research in the order and structure of knowledge, including empirical, experimental and quasi-experimental research using domain analytical methods. Professor Richard Smiraglia (honorary fellow of DANS) is its executive director. DANS and IKOS collaborated together in the Digging into the Knowledge Graph project, and the KOS-Observatory. The latter contains annotations about more than 100 Knowledge Organisation Systems used in Social Sciences, Humanities and Life Sciences, indicating their status, use and evolution.

For more information see also https://knoworg.org/

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Andrea Scharnhorst Ph.D.

Senior Researcher