DANS datasets added to European ‘discovery service’ B2FIND

8 February 2019

B2Find is a European dataservice, part of the European Open Science Cloud, that allows its users to discover data collections within an international and interdisciplinary scope. At this moment, B2FIND consists of over 750.000 datasets from a large variety of scientific disciplines.

Information on the datasets of DANS-EASY is added to the B2FIND service and makes up one of the 18 “communities”. DANS-EASY is responsible for more than 10% of all datasets, currently accessible in B2FIND. The service allows a search and browse function throughout the entire collections. If the copyright license allows it, the requested datasets can be accessed through a link to the DANS-EASY data archives.

Additional information

Do you want to browse the DANS-EASY collection in B2FIND, click here. Further information can be provided by Chris Baars.

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