DANS congratulates SOCON on 40 years of research

15 February 2019

The sociology section of the Radboud University Nijmegen has been conducting research on sociocultural developments in the Netherlands (SOCON) for 40 years.

SOCON originates in its research on secularism and de-pillarisation (Dutch: ontzuiling) in 1979. From 1985 onwards, it expanded its research topic to broad research on sociocultural developments in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, several of SOCON’s work has been incorporated in other Dutch research (e.g. the Dutch voting survey; Nederlands Kiezers Onderzoek, God in the Netherlands; God in Nederland), in foreign research (e.g. ALLBUS of ZUMA in Germany, ISPO-votingsurveys in Flanders, South-Africa, Ireland, and Surinam) and in international surveys (such as: ISSP 1993, ISSP 1996; Religious and Moral Pluralism 1997; European Social Survey 2002).

DANS congratulates SOCON on this remarkable milestone of 40 years of research!

Additional information

More information on SOCON can be found on the  website of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Do you want to see SOCON-data in EASY? Click here. Do you want to know more on archiving data through EASY? /" target="_blank" title="">Contact one of our datamanagers.

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