DANS commits to European open science

15 September 2017

DANS wishes to express its strong endorsement with the principles of the “European Open Science Cloud Declaration”.

These principles are the result of the first European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) summit on the 12th of June in Brussel, organized by the European Commission. The principles include the re-use of research data, data sharing guidelines, and instructions on how the transition to FAIR data can be implemented and supervised. In addition, special attention is paid to the fundamental role of reliable data repositories.

Special attention for ‘Data culture and FAIR data’

As an independent institute, as participant in the EOSCpilot project, as partner in many relevant networks and projects and as a member of the unofficial EOSC “coalition of the doers”, DANS endorsed all parts of the EOSC Declaration. However, DANS would like to specifically underline the importance of the section “Data culture and FAIR data” of the Declaration. Establishing a culture of data stewardship, training relevant skills, promoting data management plans, implementation of the FAIR principles, all have been, are, and will be, activities within the DANS scope that prove our bond with EOSC. As a trusted long-term data archive and an initiator in the field of data and software repository certification, DANS would also like to explicitly underline the two listed intents on research data repositories and accreditation/certification.

Coalition of the doers

The EOSC Declaration has included an action list for the so-called ‘coalition of doers’, the official name for the first movers, including DANS. DANS will contribute to:

  • developing of a FAIR metric and an assessment tool for data sets in reliable data repositories
  • developing technology for automatic data entry and export facilities
  • distribution and promotion of certification services such as the recently launched CoreTrustSeal and
  • developing a data tag system for data sets with privacy sensitive information.

Furthermore, DANS wishes to use its (inter)national network and experience for further development of the EOSC network and the governance structure.

Other organizations that DANS cooperates with, such as CESSDA ERIC and OpenAIRE have also indicated that the EOSC principles are being endorsed.

More information

More information about the EOSC Summit is available on the website of the European Open Science Cloud.

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