DANS co-organizes workshop “Identification, location and temporal evolution of topics”

26 August 2016

On August 29-30, DANS co-organizes the workshop “Identification, location and temporal evolution of topics” in Budapest.

This workshop is part of the first working group meeting of KNOWeSCAPE of the year. It takes place at the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It will be funded by, a.o., IMPACT-EV, a project that develops concepts and methods to determine the impact of social sciences and humanities.

The topics are diverse, but one central element is the special issue of the journal Scientometrics, devoted to the scientific progress achieved by TD1210. DANS will be responsible for the Author panel on the Scientometrics special issue “Same data, different results” on August 29.

Experts will present their approaches to identify and trace topic evolution over time. Among them is a group of researchers (Same data, different results – special session at ISSI 2015) who will present their insights concerning different methods for topic delineation, and ways to compare them to a wider audience.

More information

More details and the full programme can be found here.

For more information on IMPACT-EV and COST Action, please contact . DANS participates in a number of national and international projects. Please visit our projects’ page for more information.

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