DANS awards grants to six Small Data Projects

11 December 2018

This round the awarded projects are from a variety of disciplines, ranging from African Linguistics to Ecology and Digital Humanities. A Small Data Project (KDP in Dutch) receives a maximum of 10.000 euros.

Since 2006, DANS has issued grants to Small Data Projects, i.e. projects in which one or more important datasets are described and made accessible. The data must comply with the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management. The Small Data Project grants intend to serve as a stimulus for data archiving and re-use. We encourage domains and subdomains to apply where data archiving and reuse are still a novelty.

The following six projects have been awarded:

  1. Iraqw Texts in Society (Leiden University) – African Linguistics
  2. Gevaarlijk Amsterdam: Criminaliteit op de kaart, 1850-1913 (Leiden University) – History/Digital Humanities
  3. Mapping Muro Tenente: opening up the digital archives of a key site in Dutch Mediterranean Archaeology (VU Amsterdam) – Archaeology
  4. 100 Jaar met spreeuwen op reis (Netherlands Institute for Ecology – KNAW) – Ecology
  5. Automatisch archiveren van LISS data (CentERdata) – Social Sciences
  6. The Centralized Data Classification Platform: Exploration and Contribution of Knowledge Systems (International Institute for Social History) – Social History & Computer Science

Are you from a domain in which few data are being achieved and re-used so far and interested in archiving and sharing your research data? Would you like to know more about the Small Data Projects? Please visit our webpage

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