DANS at LCRDM networking day on citizen science and communities

7 November 2022

The LCRDM (National Coordination Point Research Data Management) organises regular networking events for everyone who deals professionally with research data, hosting workshops on elements important to the research data community. 

At this LCRDM Networking Day, DANS was directly involved in three workshops. During such workshops, we not only talk about what we can do, but also collect needs and questions in break-out sessions. A recap of the day.

RDA-NL Community

The first session offered was on the RDA-NL Community by Ingrid Dillo and Marjan Grootveld. About 400 Dutch people are individual members of the international Research Data Alliance (RDA ). As many RDA-NL members are also in the LCRDM network, the RDA-NL membership is informed within LCRDM and thus also in this session. Central to the breakout sessions were the brand new RDA “10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research” or CURE-FAIR, – which are relevant for data curators and information professionals in charge of publishing and archiving FAIR and computationally reproducible research. For some participants, the “Things” discussed already fit their workflow well, for others less so. 

“RDA-NL community: an interactive exploration of the ’10 Things for curating reproducible and FAIR research’ output” is available at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7261034. 

Learning from data stewards: strengthening knowledge exchange 

The second session built on survey results from the ODISSEI project and was hosted by Francesca Morselli and Marjan Grootveld. The focus in this session was on knowledge exchange in the social sciences and beyond. This included highlighting ODISSEI’s Fair Support webpage. In one breakout session, participants then discussed how they apply “FAIR enough” in practice, as 100% FAIRness is almost always out of reach. In the other session, data stewards confirmed that much attention is still needed for proper awareness of FAIR, but moreover for data reuse, for which FAIRness is an important building block. 

The slides “Learning from data stewards: strengthening knowledge exchange in social sciences and beyond” can be found at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7267145.

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