DANS and Inria sign the MoU for Software Heritage

5 July 2016

DANS will collaborate with Inria (France) on the development of the Software Heritage Initiative. On June 30 Inria officially announced the collaboration with DANS with the launch of the Software Heritage website.

Software Heritage creates a publicly accessible Universal Software Archive. The project aims to further collect, organise, preserve and make accessible the source code of all open source software, in order to create an infrastructure for society, science and industry. As of today, Software Heritage already collected more than 20 million software projects, archiving more than two and a half billion unique source files.

DANS is the first institutional and international academic partner in this project. Our partnership with Inria will concentrate on the fields of software preservation and software sustainability.

More information

DANS promotes sustained access to digital research data. Reproducibility of scientific results, but also re-usability and findability of software are core principles in science DANS seeks to support.

Inria is the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, promoting “scientific excellence for technology transfer and society”.

The official announcement can be consulted here. Please see for more information the Software Heritage website.

DANS is partner in a variety of international research projects. More information can be found on our website.

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