DANS and Brill Publishers launch online journal on research data

20 October 2015

Today, the Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences is launched. It is a new, peer reviewed, online-only, open-access data journal.

The Research Data Journal contains short publications (data papers) in which researchers describe their dataset, the context of their research, its key questions, and the methods used. In addition, data papers include a broad profile of the dataset, listing, for example, common characteristics or remarkable results. Conclusions as in a regular academic article are not required, but space is provided for some closing remarks. Readers can respond to the contents by means of a comments field. Data must have been deposited in a trusted repository, such as DANS’s online archival system EASY.

Enhanced publication

In the past, DANS and SURF have made an active contribution to the promotion of so-called enhanced publications: digital articles on scientific research which are closely integrated with the research data. The new journal expands on this tradition. It offers researchers an online platform on which to display their research to interested parties. Moreover, it provides readers with a quick look at recently completed research and contains (interactive) data visualisations as well as direct access through hyperlinks, wherever possible, to the actual data. This may, for instance, take the form of a linked online spreadsheet containing a sample of the dataset.

For and by researchers

The Research Data Journal will appear twice annually. Researchers can arrange for a publication individually. If you want to know what the options are or if you need support with technical aspects (including outsourcing), please contact DANS.

Additional information

The Research Data Journal can be found on brill.com/rdj.

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