Colloquium: Revisiting the NARCIS classification

25 June 2018

On September 27 and 28, the department for Research & Innovation of DANS will organize a new discussion meeting.

DANS organizes this meeting together with Professor Richard P. Smiraglia, currently a KNAW guest professor. The event is co-sponsored by the International Society for Knowledge Organization.

Together with all present, the role of classifications in research information systems will be subjected to a critical examination. The research portal NARCIS will be taken as the primary example of such a system.

There will be room for invited talks, short papers (interventions), and discussion rounds. Papers accepted for the workshop will be later invited to be submitted to a special issue of the journal Knowledge Organization (the journal of the International Society for Knowledge Organization). 

You are able to register until 31 August, 2018. The deadline of submitting your paper for this event is on 31 July, 2018.

More information

More information about this meeting can be found online. Attending the meeting is free, sign up in advance via the online registration form.

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