Collaboration DANS and Mendeley on archiving datasets via the new Data Repository platform Mendeley Data

23 September 2015

Mendeley launched a new data repository platform: Mendeley Data ( The data submitted by researchers on this platform will be included in the long-term archive of DANS.

Mendeley is a platform for researchers, which offers them tools for creating and sharing scientific publications. Mendeley is also a social network where researchers can communicate and share data. The data submitted by researchers will be deposited in the new, free, data repository of Mendeley: Mendeley Data. DANS forms the back-end long-term archive of this data repository.

Long-term preservation

This collaboration will allow DANS to store even more digital research data in the long term. Mendeley will be an additional data channel for DANS, next to individual researchers and other organizations. Using DOIs and other enhancements, the service will enable improved linking between data and publications. Peter Doorn, Director of DANS: “DANS promotes sustained access to digital research data. In order to promote long-term sharing and reusing of data, researchers deposit their data in the DANS-archive. We also offer back-end storage services to different public and private parties. This means that the data from these organisations are stored in the DANS archives and that the metadata will be available in open access format to all researchers through EASY.”

Similar collaboration

The intended collaboration between Mendeley and DANS resembles the international e-Depot of the Dutch Royal Library (KB). The KB acts as an archive for publications by international scientific publishers.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Dillo (DANS) or (Mendeley).

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