CESSDA Data Catalogue updated

15 February 2021

The CESSDA Data Catalogue (CDC) has had an update. The catalogue contains the metadata of the data sets of the CESSDA Service Providers. DANS is the national Service Provider of CESSDA.

The CDC is a one-stop-shop for research and discovery, providing access to comprehensive data collections relevant to social science research, including issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains a wide range of Europe-wide data, including quantitative, qualitative and mixed modes, longitudinal and cross-sectional, national and transnational data. It currently provides access to nearly 27,000 studies in ten languages from National Service Providers across Europe.

DANS is the national Service Provider of CESSDA. CESSDA is a European infrastructure for the social sciences that makes important social science datasets available to European researchers. DANS has also made metadata of our studies within the social sciences available from EASY. These can therefore also be found in the CDC. From DANS, 2939 datasets with English description and 4278 datasets with Dutch description can be found in the catalogue

More information

Read the full news item on the CESSDA website. Sign up online for the webinar: What’s new in CESSDA Data Catalogue on 11 March. Please contact Ricarda Braukmann for more information. 

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