Call for papers: Workshop Research Objects 2018

30 May 2018

On October the 29th a workshop on ‘Research Objects’ will be organized in Amsterdam. Interested scientists and related professionals are invited to vocalise their thoughts on this data approach and submit an abstract or paper before the 1st of July.

Open Research, FAIR data, High Performance Computing facilities, Virtual Research Environments: in academia the demands concerning data availability and data quality are increasing continuously. Associated with these developments, the reproducibility of complex data driven research is becoming a true challenge as “data” nowadays includes various dimensions such as raw data, processed data, links to external data quality services and the algorithms and software used when processing data.

Together with the University of Manchester (UK), the Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in Poznan (Poland) and the Apache Software Foundation, DANS organizes a workshop around the complexity of these ‘Research Objects’ to explore and stimulate the related scientific developments. The workshop, in short “RO2018”, is part of the 14th International eScience Conference (IEEE).

Interested parties, across disciplines and data organizations, are invited to submit their original and idiosyncratic views on ‘Research Objects’ before 15 July 2018 as a short research paper or in the format of an abstract or poster before July 31.

More information 

More information about RO2018 and the specifications for submitting abstracts and papers is available online.

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