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16 July 2019

After six months of preparation, the sustainable metadata integration into the EHRI portal was successfully completed. The current integration of the collection descriptions from Yad Vashem’s archive added new and updated descriptions to the EHRI portal using ResourceSync technology and a tool for this created by DANS. The blog describes their journey to a sustainable infrastructure for publishing collection descriptions.

The main goal was to update Yad Vashem content on the EHRI portal. After the conversion of collection metadata to Encoded Archival Descriptions (EADs), the content was published using the DANS tool using ResourceSync technology and then harvested by EHRI and added to the EHRI portal. The current workflow allows a continuous synchronization of the Yad Vashem collection with the EHRI portal.

EHRI is short for the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure. Over twentyfive organisations operate within EHRI. Institutions such as, research facilities, libraries, archives, museums, and memorials, contribute to EHRI from various countries. EHRI aims to enhance accessibility of various Holocaust sources from around the globe in one portal, to increase scientific research on the Holocaust.

DANS focuses on creating and applying formats for metadata of the various organisations that cooperate within the EHRI portal. Several DANS colleagues participate within the EHRI project. Ellen Leenarts is leading the work packages 10 and 13. Linda Reijnhoudt has visited Israel on multiple occasions to assist with ResourceSync.  

Additional information

Read the entire blog on data integration of Yad Vashem’s Archives here. The EHRI portal can be found here. Do you want more information about the EHRI project, visit this page

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