Are you a FAIR Champion?

17 January 2023

For the FAIR-IMPACT project, we are looking for FAIR Champions. This group of 12 experts will actively engage in analysing and shaping FAIR data policies and practices in their field, act as ambassadors for FAIR, engage their community and advocate for adoption of the project results. The deadline to apply is Friday March 10th at 17:00 CET.

The FAIR Champions are engaged in identifying research data gaps and needs within their communities, to create broader engagement with FAIR, and to shape and disseminate the outcomes of the FAIR-IMPACT project, for instance by facilitating national roadshows in their country, and contributing to the development of FAIR implementation stories. Gender diversity, a balanced geographical and stakeholder representation, and broad interdisciplinary expertise across FAIR policy and practice will be ensured in the evaluation of the candidate profiles.

Friday March 10th, 17.00 CET, is the deadline to apply. Click here for the details.

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Daniel Turner

Research Data Management Specialist